Does JNT Homes have a designer? >

We have a reputable designer who has worked with JNT Homes on many occasions to design individually suited homes and investment properties for our clients.

The designing of plans is an extremely important part of the building process. Working with the designer as well as the builder ensures your new home is built to suit your block and your budget, but most importantly to suit your lifestyle.

Does JNT Homes quote on plans provided by the client? >

Yes, JNT Homes can provide you with a quote.

Cost Plus Contracts Vs Fixed Price Contract? >

JNT Homes are happy to offer both Cost Plus Contracts and Fixed-Price Contracts. The Builder will discuss these options with the client in detail to work out what best suits you.

Do you do renovations? >

Yes, we do home renovations and/or extensions! We’d love to hear your ideas!

How much involvement will I have during construction? >

We aim to give you as much involvement as you want. Because you are dealing with the builder from the planning stage, through construction to completion, you will be kept informed across all aspects of the building process.

JNT Homes offers you a more personalised service. Being a smaller builder ensures that each project is a top priority.

Can you provide references? >

Yes, verbal or written references can be provided.

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